At INATIS, the quality of working relationships is essential to ensure effective collaboration.

We support cooperation thanks to the will of each of our collaborator.

Cooperation helps to coordinate ideas, to save time, to learn from each other and to lead to the success of our company.

Team cohesion is essential, we rely on the skills and knowledge of each while promoting a spirit of solidarity.

The involvement of our managers is also primordial for the follow up of our consultants for both their current project and their professional career.


INATIS’ growth and development relies on a young and dynamic team.

The group enhanced itself by integrating diversity to its strengths; we respect, accept and value the differences.

Our flexibility allows us to adjust quickly to the changes that may be necessary for company to stay aligned to the market.

We are reactive to meet the demands of our customers while taking into account their specificities.

The strength of INATIS is our enthusiasm and optimism.

We are constantly in a process of continuous improvement and anticipating the future.


Our customers

Each collaborator, whatever its role, works to ensure customer satisfaction. We are attentive to their needs and always receptive to offer a high quality service, a main focus of our QHSE policy.

Our collaborators

Our human-sized company favors proximity management. A climate of trust is essential to exchange in transparency the expectations, needs and questions of the members of our teams. Training is an integral part of our HR policy.

Our future collaborators

When we recruit, our priority is to understand the expectations of the candidate to perfectly match his professional project to INATIS needs. We offer our candidate the guarantee of getting a position in which they can blossom professionally.


We set high goals, both collective and individual, in order to give each employee the willing to excel.

We strongly believe in our growth potential and in the capabilities of our employees to create, innovate and find the best solutions to satisfy our customers.

INATIS, the strength of a recognized group, the reactivity and the flexibility of a company close to its employees and customers.


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